The PyWENO project provides a set of open source tools for constructing high-order Weighted Essentially Non-oscillatory (WENO) methods and performing high-order WENO reconstructions.

PyWENO consists of four main parts:

  • WENO toolkit - an easy to use toolkit to easily compute WENO reconstructions in Python.
  • Symbolics - tools for exploring and constructing WENO methods.
  • Code generation - tools for generating custom C, Fortran, and OpenCL WENO routines.
  • Non-uniform - tools for generating WENO methods on non-uniform grids.


  • December 4 2013: The kernel generator has been simplified a lot and the functional generator was removed. Several more (speed) improvements were made to the non-uniform module.
  • November 12 2013: Several improvements were made to the non-uniform module. These were contributed by Ben Thompson.
  • May 15 2012: Several routines were added for computing reconstructions of derivatives. These were contributed by Michael Welter.
  • January 23 2012: The non-uniform codes have been resurrected.

Please check out the documentation (below) or the PyWENO project page for more information about using and contributing to PyWENO.


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Contributions are welcome! Please send comments, suggestions, and/or patches to the primary author (Matthew Emmett). You will be credited.